The People's Front Room

Only two events worth heading to in Windsor on 19th May - one you might need a ticket for, the other you definitely don't! 😉

Head 'round ours as we celebrate the Royal Wedding with full big screen coverage in The Library from 11:00, before Glastonbury Festival and Standon Calling favs The People's Front Room take over The Bar for the duration.

Peoples Front Room YesThe People’s Front Room is styled as a psychedelic 19th Century Salon where creativity and ideas are shared and showcased. It offers up live music and visuals from an in-house crew of performers and creatives on the cutting edge of new music and culture. PFR are famous for being the ultimate festival experience, as the intimacy of the space dissolves the boundary between the performer and the audience and everybody ends up part of the crew.

Line-up so far includes:
Chaz Thorogood 
China Bowls 
Little Thief
Clayton Blizzard & The Boys From Marketing
James Graham
Tom Fryer
Adam Holgate
& Bar POP! DJs

The relaxed lounge-room atmosphere combined with the astonishing talent of the performers and the best audiences ever (that's you!) creates an unforgettable environment. PFR performers and crew live as a family and work as a collective and they invite you to join in the camaraderie for this amazing day and night.

Free event