All Barre Attitude

ALL BARRE ATTITUDE is an innovative barre fitness program designed to work and sculpt the entire body. A high intensity, low impact 60 minute workout that will isolate and define your muscles, working every inch of your physique. ABA’s signature moves are adapted from the resistance training used in classical ballet, creating the lean, toned dancers body without the dance.

With a background in dance, Jade Williamson wrote this signature class to promote strong, fit and healthy women. Classes are high in energy and prove that you don’t need to be a supermodel to have a toned torso, you just need the right attitude and a dam good playlist!

ABA promotes a healthy lifestyle and believes in the power exercise can have, on the mind as well as the body.

This class is suitable for all levels, no experience required!

So, have you got the ALL BARRE ATTITUDE?