HOLY PRESENTS: An Unholy Puppet Comedy by Humanish

A humanette puppet comedy starring the Holy Trinity at home for Christmas!

Joy to the world, in Heaven Jesus’ iphone 6S is ringing, the Holy Ghost is on the loo and God’s lost His glasses.  Sweaty stilton, too much port, and a turkey that’s drier than Joseph’s flip-flop; it’s just another family Christmas in the household of its holy originators.

An absurd and endearing portrait of Christmas, like The Royle Family meets Phoenix Nights, in miniature.

"The funniest bloody thing I’ve EVER seen" - Sabine 31

commissioned by China Plate, Warwick Arts Centre and mac Birmingham, Supported by Blind Summit and Arts Council England

Created and developed by Tara Boland in collaboration with Helena Rice, Fiona Clift, Philippa Hambly, Hannah Berry and Jonathan Young.

(Not on sale)

£13.00 (includes £1.00 booking fee)
£9.00 (includes £1.00 booking fee)