Rosie's Magic Horse

Little Rosie collects ice-lolly sticks and keeps them in an old box. As she dreams of helping her parents pay off the bills, her stick collection dreams of becoming something greater. And so, at the stroke of midnight, magic and dreams collide and a horse gallops out of the box!

His name is Stickerino!

“Where to?” he asks.

“Anywhere with treasure!” she answers.

There begins an adventure like none other: ice-lolly mountains by the sea, caskets of gold and scurvy pirates.

A heart-warming tale of aspiration, friendship, adventure and a little bit of mischief. This is the perfect treat for everyone aged 3 and up.


"A gorgeous show for kids... By the finale, everyone was under this show’s joyous spell." FringeGuru



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£11.00 (includes £1.00 booking fee)
£8.00 (includes £1.00 booking fee)